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The Hand Hugger™ is used in a variety of ways. The traditional way is used by two people. They are for holding hands while on a walk, standing in lines, on ski lifts, or any other romantic venture you may want to take. There are some people who have been married in them atop Canadian ski slopes. The Hand Hugger™ can also be used alone by slipping both hands inside. This is great for those outdoor events; Football, Soccer, Hockey, Rugby, Track and Field, etc. There is plenty of room inside to clap your hands or even insert "Hot Packs" if you live in a cooler area. They are cozy in the cooler weather if out boating or sailing. The Heart and Stroke Foundation have given them as a prize for incentive for couples to go on walks and become more active.

The Hand Hugger™ makes a great gift idea. Such as wedding gifts, bridal shower gifts, Christmas presents....the list goes on and on!

Going on a first date....why not take along a Hand Hugger™, who knows....Wouldn't grandma and grandpa look cute using them on their walks..... The possibilities are endless.

A Hand Hugger™ is a must have!

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